Kim Judge


Locktober 2022

Curiosity has driven you here and your devotion will not let you go without a clasp!

Welcome to my Locktober Challenge 2022!

31 days I will keep you chaste and control your abstinence. There is no failure here, you will pull through for me! The consequences you do not want to feel... The mixture of your horniness and frustration will give me so much pleasure that this will surely motivate you even further! As my personal chaste toy you want to make me finally fun! My public pillory certainly motivates you even more to pull through the challenge for me!

For this year I have thought of 3 packages for you, from which you can choose. For the participation of all packages you need your own chastity belt and a one-way lock!

Package 1:

You participate in my Locktober Challenge 2022. I will regularly call on you to make proof pictures under deadline, so that you can prove your chastity to me! You will receive over the month 4 tasks that you have to do in addition! Do not forget to make evidence so that I can amuse myself!

Package 2:

This package includes package 1 and in addition: you will receive over the month 4 new clips with the theme Locktober for free! 

Package 3:

This package includes package 1 and 2 and also: You get exclusive teasing material from me! Nothing for beginners! Pictures, videos and voice messages will drive you to the edge of despair this month!

You can find the three packages here.