Kim Judge

Tributes / Gifts

Regular tributes are a matter of course for me.

Luckily, you can contact me on a pay-per-message basis directly through this site. This immediately cuts out all the timewasters and, since you are not one of them, you top up your credit and message me right now! Depending on your experience level I will milk you accordingly, soft or hard! If you are a newcomer, I will take you by the hand and lead you slowly but surely to where I want you to be.

You will quickly find out that mentally, I am absolutely superior to you. Through that tail between your legs you are an easy victim and will be so manipulated by me that it's hopeless to think you will ever find a way out of your financial slavery!

Since you have already read up to here, you now have a choice:

You will buy something directly from my wish list or send me a tribute. You realize that a higher tribute not only increases my lust, but will also give you a greater satisfaction, because you are a born financial slave and it is your destiny to pay ME! Try it with 50 euro, 100 ruro or even 200 ruro! You will notice that this is exactly what your loser dick needs to make it twitch!


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