Kim Judge
Kim Judge
Written on 30.09.2023 at 15:13 by Kim Judge

I am very happy to have broken my own sales record this month! You know me: I also like to give something back! 

That's why you get 50% OFF ALL CLIPS  today! How? Send me a message with the exact title, send half the amount as tribute and I'll unlock the clip for you to download as soon as possible!

Message and tribute must be received by me by 6 am CEST on 01st or October 2023. After that the action is no longer valid!

I'm looking forward to celebrating with you and wish you a lot of fun binging my clips!

Mistress Kim Judge

Kim Judge
Written on 04.08.2023 at 14:03 by Kim Judge

Can you remember my clip where I rated over 20 dickpics with my friend? You find the clip here.


I repeat this clip! This time with 2 more mistresses: Lady Stefanie and Cruel Reell!


So now you have the chance to send me a picture of your shrimp! The only condition: On your picture you hold a piece of paper with a codeword or name chosen by you.


Your submission must be received by 06. August in the evening!


We are excited! 😉


Kim Judge

Kim Judge
Written on 01.08.2023 at 14:12 by Kim Judge

Finally another ladies meeting! This time with Lady Stefanie, Cruel Reell and me, Kim Judge near Roermond, Netherlands. You can still apply now, because we will be there from 05.08. to 07.08.!


Clip slaves, buy worn socks, short cash&go's, wish clips, private sessions and whatever else comes to your mind: it's surely possible! Apply now via message and let me know how you would like us to use you and on which day you would be available.


We are looking forward to a wild, long weekend!


Mistress Kim Judge

Kim Judge
Written on 08.01.2023 at 19:37 by Kim Judge

There are now two new clip categories "free clip" and "sales".

Every now and then I will discount some clips or even give them away for free! All you need to do is to be registered.

Since I only have good subs, I know that I will also get something back if I give something. 😈 So don't forget to send me a tribute for my generosity. We both know your dick can't help it anyway! Impress me if the tribute is higher than the actual price of the clip! 😈

Click here to go to the categories:
free clip

Kim Judge
Written on 20.11.2022 at 22:39 by Kim Judge

Like every year there is a Black Friday Sale, but this time exclusively on my Onlyfans profile!

The sales go out exclusively by message, so you should timely subscribe to my profile, because otherwise you will miss the news!

Of course there is a discount on the subscription price again!

So I let no excuse apply!

This way: CLICK

Have fun!