Kim Judge
Kim Judge

Girls night 4.0

Written on 13.05.2022 at 16:51 by Kim Judge

All good things are... 4 !


I look forward to our next girls' night on 28.05.2022 in Oberhausen!


As always with it: Of course me!

Also as always with us: Lady Nora

Finally with us again: Lady Zora

And for the first time we have a fourth lady on board: Goddess Kira Gold


Also this time we ladies have a nice evening together and will use our entourage as we like. Since we are extremely generous, we will even make allowances for some preferences. We promise: Everyone gets his money's worth here! Especially us, of course! ;-)


The first places are already taken, but we are still accepting applications! So if you manage to submit a decent application, you still have good chances! Send me your application with the following information: Preferences, taboos, previous experience, suggested tribute.


Beginners are welcome!


We are already looking forward to a great evening!


Goddess Yasemin

Lady Nora, Lady Zora and Goddess Kira Gold