Kim Judge
Kim Judge

Real Sessions

Written on 29.03.2022 at 11:45 by Kim Judge

From now on I can be met every Thursday and Friday in the domicile of the Countess (Domizil der Gräfin) in Düsseldorf!


I dive together with you into a world full of passion and dominance and with my aura I pull you under my spell!


I distinguish myself through my diversity, can face you sensitively and empathetically as well as imperiously and roughly. In every situation but always decisive. What makes your knees soften? I will feel it and know how to exploit it for myself. When I can read your lust from your face or body, when you twitch, give me pleading looks and your horniness fills the whole room, you feed my gleeful soul and I really get going!


Let yourself fall and lead, because from now on you belong to me! I promise you that you will take me home in your head and think of me for a long time!


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Bizarrlady Yasemin Jones