Kim Judge
Alpha Sperm Walk!
Alpha Sperm Walk!

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As my slave it is an honor for you to come in touch with high quality sperm. High-quality sperm from my alpha lover from his huge cock! We will catch the cum that would have otherwise been cummed into me unprotected, just for you in a condom. We will dispose the filled condom after the fuck to you. Of course you have to pay for it accordingly! Once you have the condom, you will spread the premium sperm in your face! Yes, you heard right! Because you will leave the house like this! You'll do a cum walk with foreign sperm for your mistress! I want someone to see you! I want people to stare at you! Probably all think that someone else has cummed on you! What a great idea, isn't it?! The thought makes you horny and I want you to do what I tell you now!