Kim Judge
Chastity - I own your dick
Chastity - I own your dick

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Hey slave piggy! We both know that you are tempted by the thought of giving up control over your dick, don't we? It will be a liberation for you when I have absolute control over you. The control over your orgasm, your dick and over you! You no longer have to make the decision as to whether to jerk off or not. I decide now! Look what I have here for you. A chastity belt, the matching lock and the keys to it. Together, we will put the chastity belt on you, put on the lock with my engraving "Property of Kim Judge" and let it snap into place! I'll keep both keys, you don't get a key and you won't need one! Your dick is mine now! Of course you won't be locked forever... or will you? In any case I will take advantage of the situation, I will take advantage of you! You will certainly do a lot to get the key back! I will make you completly submissive, you will see! And so that you can be sure that I'm serious you will now witness this with one of my slaves. You are next!