Kim Judge
Eat off my feet
Eat off my feet

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Hey, you little bitch! You like my sexy high heels, don't you? Do you want to lick them? Do it! Lick the sole and suck the heel! You want to take off my shoes and see me barefoot? Come, I will show you my feet. Look how sexy and perfect they are. You will now give them a good licking too, of course. First the sole and then also between the toes. I want to feel your tongue on my feet From now on you are my foot slave! You will always lick and smell when I want you to. To start your slave education I have something special for you. You will eat these little gummi bears, but first I will prepare them properly with my feet! I press them between my toes so that they take on a nice new taste and smell! You will take them in your mouth, chew them well and then swallow them! Do it now! Take them from my feet straight into your mouth!