Kim Judge
Finance my luxury!
Finance my luxury!

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My vacation is coming up and you will buy this video! With the purchase of this clip you finance my luxury, as it should be for a little wanker like you! But you know: That's not enough for me! I want the tribute button to glow! That's your elixir of life - pull the trigger on a beautiful woman like me! This is your air to breathe! And of course the only chance to get attention from a real lady like me! No lady would show real interest in you otherwise. I just want your money and nothing else! And while I'm letting the sun shine on my sexy ass, you keep on hard working! If you've been extra diligent, I might even let you cum while I'm laying in the sun. And if you surpass yourself and pull the trigger more than you actually wanted, then you'll even get a very exclusive surprise from me from my vacation! Makes you curious, doesn't it?!
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