Kim Judge
You'll be enslaved
You'll be enslaved

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said you'd be enslaved and there's no way out for you, slave! You will serve me! I am an absolute alpha lady who uses and humiliates losers like you! What can you offer? Your laughable small penis? You may pay and, from now on, pay regularly! You cannot and will not resist me - you will serve! From now on I decide about your cock and your orgasms! You will only cum after I have given my permission. You will begin to jerk off your dick immediately! You will worship my sexy tits and do what I order you to! I repeat - you may jerk off your dick, but it's forbidden to cum without my permission. Will we see if I allow you to cum today. Perhaps I'll only allow you to cum with a tribute? Maybe I will give you a cum countdown - we will see! We both know that you are nothing more than another loser porn victim that I will humiliate from now on and make my submissive!