Kim Judge
Kim Judge
Written on 04.02.2020 at 15:57 by Kim Judge

While I enjoy my vacation in the sun you will already work hard.

So make yourself useful and ensure that my holiday fund is filled even more than it is already is.

I can spend losers' money as fast as it comes in, so you know what you have to do - TRIBUTE NOW!

Kim Judge
Written on 08.01.2020 at 17:55 by Kim Judge

I could make some cunts happy again, hahaha. It is SO easy! Now YOU will make ME happy!

Kim Judge
Written on 06.01.2020 at 21:24 by Kim Judge

Are you ready for a new wallpaper for your mobile phone? ;-) My registered slaves can now look forward to this! Several times a day I will fuck your eyes and don't even have to do anything for it!

Kim Judge
Written on 04.01.2020 at 22:06 by Kim Judge

I wish you a happy new year! The cards are being reshuffled! Who will be my favorite slave this year? Who will have the honour of meeting me in person this year? Who will get mail from me? If YOU work well for me, then maybe you'll get one of these treats, then your life will finally have a meaning - to make ME happy!

So: Have you already done something for me this year? If not, then start right now!

Tributes (click)

Gifts by mail (click)

Furthermore, you may call me at any time and let me ignore you and/or visit my chat when I am online! The possibilities to make me happy are virtually endless. Come on, do something!!

Kim Judge
Written on 03.12.2019 at 10:48 by Kim Judge

You want to be a real pay slave? You would like to work for me so that I can enjoy my time? Then today is your lucky day! Write me a message and for every answer from me, you have to pay 5 euros! Who knows, maybe I need several messages to answer you? When I'm done with you, your balls and your wallet will be empty! Goddess Yasemin