Kim Judge
Kim Judge
Written on 07.10.2021 at 11:39 by Kim Judge

In September, two of my female friends and I organized our first girls' night and admitted slaves to the evening. Since the evening was so well received by all involved, we will repeat the spectacle!


You dream of being laughed at and used by three mistresses at the same time? Then apply with me! There are still a few places available for the next date. These are of course strictly limited, because this should not be a mass processing!


When? Friday, 05th November 2021 and Saturday, 06th November 2021

Where? Oberhausen, NRW, Germany


Apply explicitly for the girls' night and tell me on which day you can. Tell me your preferences so we can see if you fit in. Furthermore, you tell me what your no-gos are and what you still want to try. We will see what is possible ;) Last but not least, you make a suggestion for a tribute. What can you afford, what do you think is appropriate ;)


Beginners are also welcome, we three assure you that everyone will get their money's worth... especially us mistresses ;)


We are really looking forward to it!

Kim Judge
Written on 23.01.2021 at 14:12 by Kim Judge

You are always horny becaue I keep you chaste. The allowance to jerk off is something you must earn but that is what we are going to work on now. With every little excitation your dick is twitching huh? Also now it starts swelling and rising towards you....if that is even possible with your size. As I said earlier: Before you will enjoy your own orgasm, you have to satisfy my needs.... and since a poor slave like you can only dream of satisfying me physically, you have to make me feel horny by spoiling me with tributes.

Lets try this. Send me a tribute of 50 €. Good boy!

As rewards I allow you to take out your dick ...spit on it and use ur hand to make it real wet.

Now take off your hands.

You want more, right? Of course you do.

Your dick feels hard and absolutely fully pumped.. you love it to jerk off to my instructions and to spoil me for the attention I give you.

Send me another 50 €.

How does your dick feel when you send me money hm? Is he pulsing? You're doing well.

And now keep wanking for me...

You are my paypig...Your only reason to exist is to spoil me, to satisfy me and make me feel horny. Good for both of us that this will drive you even more crazy.

Jerk off your dick for your mistress. Remember that everytime you touch or rub your dick, I will dig myself deeper into your mind. You are even subconsciously willing to serve me.

Meanwhile you are so horny that you wanna cum huh? Well.... I will give you the allowance. But there is one condition. You will send me another tribute of 500 €. That is too much for you? Well... Then you are obviously not gonna cum for me today. Send me your tribute and jerk off your loserdick for your mistress.

Before you'll be satisfied, you gotta satisfy me! Get that!

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Kim Judge
Written on 18.01.2021 at 19:30 by Kim Judge
Kim Judge
Written on 14.01.2021 at 16:13 by Kim Judge

Today I am going to explain you my rules or do you really think that I take care of your desires and fulfill your wishes? Definitely not! I ONLY do those things I want to do. ...things that I like to do with you and I know you will still love it! I will use you like no mistress has ever done before. I will get deep down into your mind until you won’t be able to ever get me out of there. You won’t be able to do anything without thinking of me. Your first thought in the morning will be me, your mistress.

You like to buy yourself coffee in the morning? - nice, you are going to ask yourself if that behavior is making me happy..... and of course not do it.

The first thing you are going to do after work will be checking your mails if you have any message from me, your mistress.

Like a puppet, you will be going to work only for me. You will operate only for me. Your meaning of life will be to make ME happy. You will think of me every single second and how you can spoil me. Every breath you take will be filled with your deepest desire to serve me because I am living in your head.

I control your thoughts.

So now take a deep breath, hold on for a second and feel how your head starts prickling.... you notice how your brain starts working, right? Breath out. With every breath you take from now on, I will get deeper into your mind and you can’t do anything against it. You can’t stop it. I am going to be one of your basic needs in life. eating, breathing or sleeping.

But a thing you have to earn is jerking off!  If you are a good slave, I might allow you to wank your dick! But that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to cum, I don’t think I have to explain that, right? Only the good slaves are allowed to cum for me! And before you earn yourself an orgasm, you first have - of course - to satisfy me.

That is of course not possible with your dick cause only real men can satisfy me with dick, but you can spoil me with gifts or tributes. I’m sure you will do anything to satisfy me. Now start!

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Kim Judge
Written on 29.12.2020 at 17:23 by Kim Judge

Now i will tell you how things will work between us.

I want you to send me a message that includes information about you - where you live, how old you are, your marital status and if you have children. And of course your message will come with a tribute...

After you’ve sent me a message with your tribute, I will make a decision if I want to invest time and effort in you. So you will get an answer. Consider carefully when you write your message because i get a lot of inquiries. So make yourself interesting for me cause it’s hard for slaves to resist my big boobs.

If I decide to care for you, i won’t treat you in a certain way like everyone else. I will treat you individually cause every slave has different needs and I’m passionate about handling them all differently. Maybe I enjoy torturing you with chastity, edging, sissyfication or i just show you what you will never get.

What are that things that make you go crazy, hm? I will find out and I will play with you.

I give a shit about what satisfies you. You can feel honored that i even spoil you with attention.

So go and send me a Message. Make an effort! Finally it’s about your sense in life. And I will see what i can do with you!

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