Kim Judge
Cum in your face - sperm walk
Cum in your face - sperm walk

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Today I'm going to give you an exclusive jerk-off and cum instruction! You want to jerk off again? You always want to! So come on, jerk off your loser dick for me and my perfect big tits, but today I expect you to cum right in your face! Now find a good position where your dick is pointing towards your face and then jerk off. I'll give you a jerk-off countdown and at zero you'll cum in your face! Don't turn away, don't stop, you're cumming for me now. What a loser you are! But your task isn'tt over yet! I will introduce you to the subject of sperm-walk. You know what that means? You won't wash your face now, because you'll leave the house like this, with sperm all over your face! I'll tell you how long you have to stay out. Will you be quiet? Someone's gonna see you. They'll probably think someone else came in your face! What a great idea, huh? Come on! You know what you have to do. The thought makes you so horny and I want you to do it right now!