Kim Judge
Your tasks as a cuckold
Your tasks as a cuckold

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You know that you are absolutely unfit for fucking. There is no sense in someone like you having real sex. Therefore you will serve me and my lover as a cuckold! Not only get on your knees in front of me, but also in front of your new alpha lord! Before I let him fuck me hard, you will make sure your Master's dick is hard. Not only will you jerk his dick, but you will suck it too! Yes, you heard right! You will take his cock in your mouth and suck it for my amusement. Be glad that you at least have that - finally, you are useful! Imagine how horny it is when he fucks me with his big, hard cock so right and you know you have had it first! Does that make you horny, you loser?! Of course it does! You are just a beta-loser and only there to serve an alpha couple. I will train you to suck cocks, because that will be your future task! I will fuck with your mind so that you get hornier and hornier the more cocks you suck, for me, for your goddess!